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专题教育: “两学一做”学习教育  
Forensics Introduction
2016-10-05 07:34   审核人:

Forensics wasauthorized byState Education Commissionin 2002 to admit under graduate students from 2003, and was set up as an independent department in 2008. The department full-time faculty consist of 1 professor, 4 associate professors, 3 lecturers and 2 assistants. In terms of education background, 2 have doctor’s degree and 3 have master’s degree, 2 of them are qualified to supervise postgraduate students and 1 is Ph.D student.

Department of Forensic is located at forensic building of Xinpu campus, area of structure is about 14 million of square meters. The value of teaching and scientific research equipment is more than 1,500,000 RMB. The academic unit of Forensic Medicine and Science at the University of Zunyi medical college encompasses the two disciplines: Forensic Pathologyforensic biological evidence. Both are primarily service-based but with additional involvement in teaching and research. Forensic courses are divided into compulsory (Forensic Pathology,forensic biological evidence, forensic anthropology,forensic toxicologyetc). and elective (criminal scientific technology,forensic psychiatryand etc.) modules.

The department collaborates withhe first affiliated hospital of Zunyi medical college, the third people’s hospital of Zunyi, the public security bureau of Zunyi, the Public Security Bureau of Bozhou district of Zunyi, the Public Security Bureau of Honghuagang district of Zunyi and ect., So that undergraduate students can go there for clinical trials.

There are 160 full-time students enrolled, including 5 postgraduate students. Our team has admission more than 450 under-graduate students in Forensic field from 2003 to 2016 (300 graduated from college). 30 of these students allowed to further study for higher degree. The employment rate of postgraduate students was 100%, while the initial employment rate of undergraduate students was more than 86% in recent 5 years.

Recently, forensic department received 4 university level programs, published 8 essays in teaching reform and compiled 4 teaching materials, which one of teaching material obtained first prize of Sichuan University.

Forensic department was awarded some contracts by the Youth program of the National Natural Science Foundation, provincial projects of scientific research, and got financial support more 500,000 RMB. 70 research papers have been published including 24 papers embodied by SCI. 2 of programs in scientific research achieved the second prize of provincially scientific and technological progress, and 1 program obtained the first prize of departmentally scientific and technological progress.

In order to create teaching and research department of medical college, Forensic department insists on its spirit of Zunyi medical college, its progress at the same pace of the evolving time and its pioneering spirit. These spirits promote the core competitiveness, and realize the development and standard for running a school in advance.

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